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The Croatian Society of Plant Biology (CSPB) was founded in 1977 as The Croatian Society of Plant Physiology (CSPP) by a group of leading plant physiologists and has become an autonomous nongovernmental professional organization of plant physiologists in Croatia. Until 1991 CSPP was a part of the Yugoslav Society for Plant Physiology and the Yugoslav Union of Biological Societies. In 1992, CSPP became a member of the International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB), and of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB). In 2008, The Society’s name has been changed to The Croatian Society of Plant Biology (CSPB).

The CSPB is dedicated to the development, promotion and dissemination of plant physiology knowledge and to the improvement of communications among Croatian and international scientists.

The main goals of CSPB are:

  • to support all activities that promotes plant science in general
  • to expand scientific knowledge in plant biology
  • to improve communications among plant biologists from Croatia and other countries
  • to encourage collaboration among universities, research institutes and industries
  • to collaborate with professors of biology at all levels of education
  • to give professional advice on all aspects of plant biology
  • to work on nature protection and biological diversity

CSPB organizes public lectures, exhibitions and social events for plant biologists. Every three years CSPB organizes the Symposium of CSPB with international participation. Topics cover all aspects of plant biology from cell and molecular biology, photosynthesis, plant biochemistry, biotechnology, growth and development, stress physiology, to plant ecophysiology.

CSPB provides financial support for its members, particularly PhD and post doctoral students, to participate in international meetings and workshops. CSPB contributes in publishing of scientific and popular distributions, and helps its members in the acquisition of books and plant biology lab manuals.

The CSPB has 97 members. Although the majority of our members are biologists (scientists and teachers), CSPB also gathers scientists having B.Sc, and Ph.D. degrees in other disciplines (agronomy, forestry and pharmacy). The general assembly is held in February every year.

The list of current members is available HERE.

Former presidents of the Society were: Zvonimir Devide (1977), Sibila Jelaska (1978-1982), Mercedes Wrischer (1983-1986), Branka Kolevska- Pletikapić (1987-1988), Zdenko Rengel (1989-1990), Ivan Regula (1991-1992), Marijana Krsnik-Rasol (1993-1994, 2001-2002), Branka Pevalek-Kozlina (1995-1996), Volker Magnus (1997-2000), Hrvoje Fulgosi (2003-2006), Željka Vidaković-Cifrek (2007-2008), and Dunja Leljak-Levanić (2009-2010).