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This page offers links with other societes related with plant biology


http://www.hbd1885.hr/ - Croatian Biological Society

http://www.hpd.hr/ - Croatian Society for Life Sciences

http://www.hugi.hr/clanovi.html - Croatia Society of genetic engineers

http://hirc.botanic.hr/HBoD/HBoD-home.htm - Croatian Botanical Society

http://www.hdbmb.hr/ - Croatian Society for biochemistry and molecular biology

http://www.fespb.org/fespb/ - Federation of european societes of plant biology

http://www.epsoweb.org/ - The European Plant Science Organisation

http://my.aspb.org/ - American society of Plant Biologists

http://www.plantslo.org/ - Slovenian society of plant biology

http://public.mzos.hr/Default.aspx - Ministry of Science Education and Sports

http://ec.europa.eu/research/fp6/mariecurie-actions/indexhtm_en.html - actions Marie Curie of FP6/7